Worshiping the god

Dear Children, 

To be blessed by the God and to receive his grace to lead a peaceful, happy life, what should we do? 

We have to approach the god with full confidence and believe and we should worship with full love and devotion. We have to glorify him. We have to ask him of our needs. The almighty god knows what is good and what is bad for us and he will bless us accordingly. 

When we worship the god our inner mind get purified. The ill thoughts and feelings that may be hiding in our mind will go away and so good thoughts and feelings will settle in. When we praise the almighty god who is the survivor of this whole universe, the sorrow and troubles will get away from us. 

We can worship the god at home and as well as at temple. With purified mind and love we can worship from anywhere. 

Below, you can read both methods of worshiping the god, at home and at the temple. We invite you to read them and worship the god accordingly and get his blessing to lead a successful life. 

A Hindu Temple Nearby

From a little statue under a banyan tree to large temples, there many different types, we can see. We will see the basic structure of a temple here.

Worshipping at a Hindu Temple

Here we are going to see the ways of worshipping God in a Temple and after reading these your next Temple visit will be more meaningful.

Worshipping at home

We are going to see here the ways of worshipping God at home and after reading this section, we hope, you will pray at home every day.
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