Unity Is Strength

Panchatantra Story – Unity Is Strength 

Once long before, there was a very big Banyan tree, at the banks of the river Godhavari, one of the ancient river in India.

On the branches of that huge tree, thousands of birds were living in their nests. Crows, cranes, doves, parrots, cuckoos and other such small birds were living in that tree with their families.

An old crow too was living there. Laghu was its name.

One day, when Laghu was sitting on a branch of the tree, he saw a fowler (a hunter of birds) coming towards that tree.

The fowler had a big net, ropes, and sticks in his hands.

“Oh my God, that fowler is coming towards this tree. He may harm the birds living in this tree. God only can help us”, the crow was worried.

The fowler came and stood below that tree. He spread the net on the ground and fixed it with sticks and ropes. He put leaves and grass over the net to hide it and then he sprinkled food grains on it. He then walked away to a distant tree and hid behind it.

At that time, a flock of doves was flying over that forest. There were many doves in that flock. The leader of that flock was called Chitran.

The doves had been flying from the dawn in search of food, but they could not find any and were all tired and hungry. They saw the grains on the ground below and so wanted to go down and eat it.

One young dove came flying towards the leader and asked, “Leader, we can see plenty of food grains on the ground below. Shall we go down and eat it?”

The leader refused.”Don’t do that. Think twice before going down. This is a dense forest. Who would have put so much food grains on that ground? What is that person’s purpose? I suspect that there is a big danger behind it. So, let us forget it and search for food somewhere else..” he suggested.

But. the young dove became angry. “Leader, you have become old. So, you are afraid. We are hungry and tired. We have been searching for food the whole day and could not find enough. So, how can we be sure that we will get food later? So, we have decided to go down and eat those grains”, he said.

So, the young dove flew down and landed on top of the grains. Immediately, he started to eat the grains hungrily. The other doves too, except the leader, followed him and landed down to eat the grains.

In a minute, all those doves got caught in the net.

Realizing the danger they were in, the doves cried for help. They were afraid that the fowler would come to kill them one by one.

The leader dove Chitran, who was flying above heard their cries. He wanted to help them.

So, he flew down and voluntarily got caught in the deadly net.

The fowler who was hiding behind a tree had seen it all. He was very happy that so many birds had got trapped in his net. He started to run towards his net.

The leader saw him coming towards them. So, he called his friend doves, “Dear friends, the fowler is coming towards us. If we wait any more time, he will surely catch and kill all of us. At this moment of danger, we must act united. We must start flying together and take the net with us. Okay, now, we will start flying”, saying thus, he started to fly with the net.

All other doves too joined him and started to fly taking the net with them. All the doves joined together to take away the net easily and flew in the sky.

The crow who was seeing it all was surprised and happy to see that the doves had escaped. So, it flew following the doves.

The fowler who saw the doves taking his net with them cried aloud, “Alas, the doves are taking my net away. From now on, how will I catch the birds?”. He tried to chase the doves, but, he could not catch them. He went home sadly.

The doves reached the border of the forest and landed in front of a big tamarind tree. A mouse, named Hiranyak was living inside a hole under the tamarind tree. The mouse was a good friend of Chitran.

When he saw the flock of doves landing near his tree, the mouse came out of his hole and saw his dear friend with his friends. He saw the net and realized the danger they were in.

He called his friend, “Dear friend, do not worry. I will gnaw at the strings of the net and cut it into pieces. You will be free in a few minutes”. Thus saying, he started to gnaw at the strings and cut the net with his sharp teeth.

Soon, all the doves got free. They thanked the mouse and flew away happily.

Seeing all these happenings, the crow wanted to make friends with the mouse. So, he went near the hole and called, “Oh, my dear friend Hiranyak,.. Come out”.

Seeing a crow standing at the entrance of his hole, the mouse trembled with fear.

What happened then?

Did the mouse accept the crow as his friend?

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