Kaanchi Kaamaadchi Amman Temple

The great mother who reigns the universe by her beautiful sight of the merciful eyes is blessing all the devotees who pay a visit to her and worship. 

In sanskrit ‘Kaama’ indicates cherish, Kindness or merciful and also ‘adcha’ indicates eyes and so the term Kaamadchi represents that the mother Kaamadchi has eyesight complete of love and kindness. 

There are three great temples where mother Parvathi devi is the main deity and also blesses her devotees. They are Kaanchipuram, Madurai and Kasi. First two are in in South India and the last one is in North India. 

In Kaanchi the mother is known as Kaamaadchi and in Madurai, she is known as Meenaadchi while in Kaasi she is known as Visalaadchi.

The Kaamaadchi Amman Temple in Kanchipuram

The Kaanchipuram where the great mother shows up as Kaamaadchi has numerous special characteristics. 

The Sanskrit poet of great fame, ‘Kalithasar’, points out regarding Kaanchi as ‘holy kaanchi’ as well as ‘one of the seven exceptional holy centers that provide salvation’. The other six are, according to him, Madura, Maya, Kasi, Avanthika, Puri and also Duvaraka.

The holy temple in Kaanchipuran is also known by numerous terms too: Kanchipuram, Piralayacittu, Sivapuram, Vintupuram, Trinity Place, Piramapuram, Kamapitam, Tapomayam, Sakalacitti, Kannikappu, Tunpirapuram, Tantakapuram, Kancinapuram, Kashi as well as Sathiyaviratha-Rathiram are to name a few.

In ancient times this temple were encompassed by ‘Cenpakaa’ trees and for that reason it was also called ‘Cenpakaaranyam’ as well. The holy city of Kaanchipuram is renowned for having 108 temples of Lord Shiva and 18 temples for Lord Vishnu.

Shri Lalitha Tripura Sundari

There are 51 ‘Sakthi Peedas’ (Centres of Sakthi) in the holy land of Baratha (India) and the ‘Kaama-Koodi Peeda’ in Kanchipuram gets a significant place among them.

The main shrine of the Kaanchipuram temple is the only place where mother Kaamaadchi is appearing as ‘Shri Lalitha Thiripura Sunthari’. 

It is believed that the Mother Kaamaadchi’s both eyes are represented each by Saraswati Devi and Sri Lakshmi Devi.

How exactly the mother Kaamaadchi pertained to a temple in the town of Kanchipuram that has all the great significance explained earlier was a fantastic historical event. 

Demon Panthakasuran

Once long before there lived a demon called Panthakasuran. He performed severe penance (tapas) towards Lord Brahma and gained countless boons from him. Before long he grew arrogant due to the power of those boons and took all three worlds and also started annoying the Devas and Sages. 

When his atrocities grew day by day, Devas and Sages endured a lot and then went to Lord Shiva and complained of their sufferings. 

Lord Shiva realised that the boons granted by the Lord Brahma made Panthakasuran very powerful and therefore sent them all to Parwati Devi stating that the detrimental strength of mother Sakthy can only destroy the demon Panthakasuran. 

On the other hand, for another reason, Parwathi Devi was in Kanchipuram, sitting in a cenpakaa tree and in the form as a bird, parrot, she was doing penance for Lord Shiva.

Devas as well as Sages went up there, worshipped her and informed her of their sufferings. 

Listening to their plight, the mother had promised to to deal with their anguish by destroying the demon. At the same time the demon Pantakasuran was in deep sleep in a dark cave in Kailaya. 

The mother decided that, it was the correct time to destroy him and took a gigantic form as ‘Pairava Rupini’. Her eighteen arms were carrying eighteen numerous weapons and also she grew in anger. With a foot in the neck and the other in the chest of the demon Pantakasuran, she cut off his head. Lifting and carrying it in one hand and appeared back in Kanchipuram.

The Gorgeous Little Girl

The sight of the rageful mother had scarred off the Devas and Sages and many trembled in fear and also some fell unconscious. To get rid of their fear the mother then took the form of a gorgeous little girl with a silky outfit and with a serene smile in her face showed up before them.

On seeing her in this form, the Devas and also Sages were very much delighted and also worshipped and praised her. 

The mother had then guided them to dig a ditch in the ground on the same area and bury the demon and also to erect a ‘pillar of victory of evils’ on top of it. 

When they continued to follow the guidance, yet another deadly monster Mallakan appeared from the ground itself and striven with them. They pursued the assistance of Maha Vishnu to destroy him and also to save them. 

The Lord came out to fight with the demon but whenever a drop of blood spilled out of the demon and struck the ground it would rear as yet another demon and also fought. Before long there was a large number of demons fighting the Lord. As a result the Lord Maha Vishnu called out for the assistance of Lord Shiva. 

Lord Shiva came there in a warrior form as Rudra Moorthy. He generated two genies and also told them to consume the blood falling out of the Demon Mallakan so that it won’t strike the ground. 

Thus, the emergence of more demons were prevented and at last Lord Maha Vishnu destroyed the demon Mallakan with his ‘Cakkarayutat’. 

Thereafter, as per the guidance of the mother Kaamaadchi, the Devas and Sages erected twenty four pillars, near the burial place of Panthakasuran and also set up Gayatri Mandapam (hall) and within it constructed a beautiful peeda (stage or altar) where they installed Mother’s idol and worshipped it. 

They then came out and shut off the doors and also prayed from outside. 

The next early morning, at sunrise, they opened the doors with great reverence. And just what a surprise, the fantastic vision that they observed there made them be overjoyed.

Goddess Kaamaadchi Amman

Yes, instead of the idol they installed, they saw that the Mother Goddess Kaamaadchi in her wonderful holy form in the center of the Gayatri Mandapam (hall). That day was a Friday, aligned with Krishna Padcha, Pirathimai and also of a day of poora star and in the calendar month of ‘Pankuni’ (February – March) in the Sri-Muka year of the Kirutha yuga in ‘Svayampu Manuvantirat’. 

Mother Kaamadchi was showing up in the form RaajaRaajeshwari with seamless grace. In the centre of the Gayatri hall the mother was sitting in Padmasana (yoga) position facing the southeast direction, with four arms and in them she was holding paasam, goad, blossom arrows, and the sugarcane. 

All those who were there became highly devotional by the mother’s elegance and also of her gracefulness requested her to be there always and bless the world and all the living beings on it. 

As per their prayer and also of the request the mother Kaamadchi is sitting in the middle of the twenty-four pillars supported hall structure of ‘Gayatri Peeda’ and also blessing all who pursue her out there. 

At present, the Kaamadchi Amman Temple is located in the hub of the town of Kanchipuram. The temple stands majestically with a massive Raaja Gopura (Tower) that has five-tier structures and making the devotees get into a beatific state of mind on seeing it.

Mother’s Three Forms

Mother Kaamadchi gracing us in three different forms, namely Ssthulam (visible), Sudsumam (invisible) as well as Kaaranam (with a cause). This is really significance as in most of the temples mother appears in one or two forms only and in this particular temple she is in all three forms. 

Let’s now explore more of these forms. 

Kaamakoodi Kaamadchi – (Ssthula Form ) – As the Idol in the Sanctum. 

Anchana Kaamadchi – (Sudsuma Form) – Aruba Lakshmi (invisible Lakshmi) 

The Chakara known as Kaamakoodi Peeda – A form with a cause 

Mother Kaamaadchi is also known as Mahadevi, ThiripuraShundari, RajaRajeswari, Kaameswari, Lalitha, Sri Chakara Nayaki.

24 Shrines within the Kanchipuram Temple

There are twenty four shrines within this temple in which we can worship and they are: 

    1. Gayatri Mandapam
    2. Kaamaak-koodi Kaamaadchi (in the Sanctum)
    3. Kamakoodi Peeda Sri Chakra (in the Sanctum)
    4. Kaamaadchi Tapas
    5. Pilakasam
    6. Anchana Kaamaadchi in the form of Aruba (invisible) Lakshmi
    7. Varahi
    8. Santhana Stampam
    9. Artha Nareesvarar
    10. Rupa Lakshmi with Kallar Perumal (Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi)
    11. Annapurani
    12. Dharma Sastha
    13. Adi Shankara
    14. Sage Durvasar
    15. Utsava Kaamaadchi
    16. MaharajaDuntira
    17. (Ashta puja) Maha Saraswati
    18. Dharma stampam
    19. Kaasi-Kaala Bhairava
    20. Durga
    21. Kaasi Visvanaathar
    22. Panch Ganga
    23. Pootha Nikraka Perumal
    24. Sage Agastya and Sage Hayakirivarum

Let’s now see the details of the few:

Sri Kamatciyamman Viruttham

Here are some devotional scripts that can be used for worshipping the Mother Kaamadchi. This is the transliteration of the Tamil language version of ‘Sri kamatciyamman Viruttam’

‘Sri kamatciyamman Viruttam’ 

Om Shakti 

1. Sundari, Sounthiri, Niranthiri, Turanthiri
Sothiyaai ninra Umaiye

Sukkira VarathThilunaik kandu tharisipoer 
thunpathinai neekKiduvai

CinthaiThanul unn Pathanth thanaiye tholuparkal 
thuyarththinai maatTuduvai

YegamMellam munMaikai pukalaVenna laamoo
siriyanaal mudinthidathu.

SonthaVun MaiynthaNaai enthanai radsikkach
Siriya Kadan unnathamma

SivaSiva Maheswari Paramanida Yeeswari
Seeronmani ManonmaniyumNee

Anthari, Turanthari, Niranthari Parampari 
yanaatha radsakiyum neeye

Alakaana Kanchiyil Pukaloodu Vaalnthidum 
Ammai Kaamaadchi Yumaye.

2. Patthu Viral Mohthiram eithanai pirakasamMathu
Paadakam Thandaik Kolusum

Pachchai Vaidooriyam Michaiyaai ilaiThidda
Paathch Silampin Oliyum

Muthu Mookuthiyum Rathinap PathakKamum 
Mookana Maalai Allakum

Muluthum Vaidooriyam puspa raagathThinal
MudinThidda Thaali Allakum

Suthamaai IrukKinra Kaathinit Kamallunch
SengKaiyit ponn kangKanamum

yegamellam villaiPetta Mukamellam mozhiYutta
SiruKathu KopinNalakum

AththiVarathan Thankai Sakthi SivaRoopathai
Adiyanaal Sollath Thiramoo

Alakaana Kanchiyil Pukaloodu Vaalnthidum 
Ammai Kaamaadchi Yumaye. 

3. Mayavan Thankai Nee MarakathaValli Nee
ManiManthira KaariNeeye

Maaya SoroopiNee MakeswariyuMaana Nee
Malaiyaraiyan Makallana Nee

Thaaye MeedadchiNee SatKuna ValliNee
ThayaNithi VisaalaadchiNee

Tharaniyil PeyarPetta Periya NayakiyumNee
Saravananai EenravalumNee

PeikaludanaadiNee Aththinida Paakamathil
PeruPera Valarthavalum Nee

Piranava SoroopiNee Pirasana ValliNee
PiriyaVunna MulaiyumNee

AayiMakamayiNee AananthaValliNee

Alakaana Kanchiyil Pukaloodu Vaalnthidum 
Ammai Kaamaadchi Yumaye. 

4. PaarathanilUllalavum PaakiyathoodEnnai 
PaangkKudan Radchikavum

Pakthiyai UnnPaatham Nitham Tharicitha 
Paalaruk Karul Puriyavum

SeerPetta Thekaththil SiruPinikal Varaamal 
Senkiliyan Anukaamalum

Seiyinida Paakiyangch SelvanKalaith Thanthu 
Jeyam Pettu Vaalthu Varavum

PearPetta kalanaiP Thodara Voddamal 
PiriyamaiK KathidamMaa

Piriyamaa YunMeethinil SiriyaNaan SonnaKaviP
Pilaikalaip Pooruthu Radchi

Aarathanil MaaNal Kuviththaraiya Poosai SeithaVenn
Ammai Eekampariye

Alakaana Kanchiyil Pukaloodu Vaalnthidum 
Ammai Kaamaadchi Yumaye.

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