Great Sages, Saints & Holy Persons

Hello Kids,
Hinduism is a great religion which was originated from the God himself with one sole purpose of redeeming the people of the world.
Hinduism shows us the genuine way to live in a very high moral standard and at the end of this life to reach the holy feet of the merciful God.

Since the days of the Vedas, which was the golden era of Hinduism to this present day, numerous Sages (Maha Rishis), Saints (63 Saivism Nayanmars, 4 Saivism Thevara vocalists, 4 Saivism theologists, 12 Vaishnavite Azhvaars, Powerful Siththars, Hindu Holymen and Holy women who have been revered by devotees as the aspects of the God himself.

There are Chieftains (Gurus) of Hindu religious Mathas or Ashrams (hermits) all of whom have spent their whole lives in praising the God and leading the people in the Holy path of the disciplined Hindu way of life.

In this section, you can read and enjoy all about such praiseworthy Sages, Saints and holy persons.

Nayanmars – The 63 Great Saiva Volunteers 

Azhavars – The great 12 Vaisanva Volunteers 

Great Hindu Siththarkal (Soon)

Hindu Holymen and Holy women (Soon)

Great Sages (Soon)


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