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A Wonderful Gift to your kids

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This is the right time

This is the right opportunity to bring up your children with the knowledge of Hinduism

With a structured syllabus, religious education via weekly articles in multi-languages (Basic Level)
With a structured syllabus, religious education via weekly videos in multi-languages (Standard Level)
Articles and  stories with beautiful illustrations and images to suit all

Religious education via weekly videos for kids

Tri Murthies

Lord Biramha

The Creator of a living being (through birth)

Lord Vishnu

The Protector of Living Being (throughout the lifespan)

Lord Shiv
The Destroyer

The Destroyer of a living being (through death)

The Destroyer
Lord Shiva

Why the destroyer is popular than the creator?

Forms of Lord Shiva

Different Forms of Lord Shiva

We worship Lord Shiva in different forms and they are, Sivalinga, Nadaraja Murthy, Thatchana-Murthy and Aartha Naareeswarar.

The Protector
Lord Vishnu

Who is very popular among Hindus?

Ten AVatar of Lord Vishnu

10 Avatars

With Lord Vishnu as the Prime Deity, Vaishnavism is one of the two main subsets of Hinduism. Whenever bad deeds exceeded the good, the Lord is said to descend in form of an avatar to restore cosmic order So far there were 10 Avatars.

Beautifully Illustrated Sweet Stories

Tri Murthies with their consorts

“The greatest gift you can give your child is the gift of knowledge”


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